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Make Money on eBay: 10 Reasons Why eBay Should be First

Make Money on eBay: 10 Reasons Why eBay Should be First

Make Money on eBay: 10 Reasons Why eBay Should be First

Start Selling on eBay First

Ecommerce opportunities are rapidly expanding and if you’re considering opening your own store, here are 10 reasons why eBay should be first on your radar of places to list products.

The opportunity is there to make money on eBay, you have to know how to keep operating costs lows while maximizing profits. If you’re researching where to start first, we recommend both; But we know that now everyone is ready to do that. This is why eBay should be your first stop to earn a living by selling online.

  1. 210,000,000

    That number isn’t annual number of visitors but monthly traffic to eBay. eBay is ranked in the top 10 most visited sites, and has a huge marketplace of buyers. People visit eBay with the intent to make a purchase and aren’t there to browse. That’s all you could ask for as a business owner.

  2. Auctions

    eBay’s auction style platform gives you the seller the opportunity to really learn a lot about what customers are willing to pay for your product. The key opportunity here is to test pricing. Sure you may get an occasional ridiculous offer, but you’ll also learn a lot about your prospects willingness to pay. Though Amazon has a great amount of traffic, the auction ability that eBay offers is great for market research.

  3. Easy

    eBay is easy to set up and learn. Within an hour the most inexperienced online user will be able to fully understand eBay and have products up selling. There are countless step by step tutorials on YouTube that walk you through the process of setting up an eBay store so you can start making money on eBay as fast as possible.

  4. Messages

    Much like auctions tell you what prospects are willing to pay for a product, if you use the messages for market research you’ll be able to learn a lot about what questions your customers always have. Then take this data, and use it when building your online store and blog. Create content around common questions customers have and you’ll be amazed at how fast you become an authority around your product. Post it on your blog living on the eCommerce website or on an article site like Ezine Articles. Always include a link back to your eBay store of eCommerce website to get the maximum SEO and traffic out of your efforts.

  5. Cost

    Even though eBay has fees, it’s virtually free to list. The fees are ridiculously low to list, and eBay’s commission is 10%. As you build your platform and become better at attracting customers to your own eCommerce store you can save the 10%, but for an initial place to start – 10% is very fair. Remember you are testing the eBay niche and learning about pricing. When you’re ready to grow, build a custom storefront.

  6. Feedback

    eBay’s feedback system is really phenomenal. For eBay sellers who provide excellent customer support, service and pricing, this is a great place to shine. Once you build up a reputation, you’re going to remember why you stayed up late to answer questions, and rushed to the post office so your packages got there on time. Making money on eBay will not be a problem anymore, and scaling your operation will be next on your to do list.

  7. Images

    A picture tells a thousand words and eBay makes it very easy to showcase the product your selling. Uploading images is easy, and you no longer have to pay to host those photos. We recommend you showcase as many high quality product images as you can, to really give customers a great sense of what they’re about to purchase.

  8. Safety

    You’ll learn fast when you open your own eCommerce store that unfortunately not everyone is ethical. Online fraud is big and continues to grow. Selling on eBay greatly reduces this risk as eBay does a great job in preventing it. You’ll learn with your own store that stolen credit cards are used online to make purchases and if one’s used on your store, you’ll end up having to return the funds. If you’ve already shipped the product, you’re now out. Realize fraud can still happen on eBay, though its greatly reduced.

  9. Conversions

    Consumers know that they have the eBay buyer protection to cover the purchase should they not be happy, so conversions are dramatically increased. If you’re a good seller, have fair pricing and get traffic to your listing; you’ll have a higher chance of making money on eBay.

  10. Time

    The key reason why you should start selling on eBay is time. You can have a product up in moments vs. having to learn how to design a site, set up payment processors and how to drive traffic. eBay has this all handled for you to get started fast and start getting data on what works.

See how much your eBay listing will cost with the eBay fees calculator. You’ll quickly get a feel for how much money you can make selling on eBay. Play around to see what fits your budget so you’re ready to start selling when you have your products ready to go.

Happy Selling!

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