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7 Ebay Selling Tips to Maximize Sales

7 Ebay Selling Tips to Maximize Sales

You can have tremendous success selling on eBay when you follow these principles

Selling on eBay is extremely competitive and to maximize your opportunities you need to stand out from the competition. This marketplace is full of savvy eCommerce shoppers who focus in on only the sellers that stand out. You can make your ebay selling better with a few improvements to your store. We’ve listed hints & tips that include offering free shipping, testing product titles, and updating product images that have successfully improved ebay selling across online stores.

7 tips to improve eBay selling

  1. Return Policy: This is probably one of the most important parts to focus on when selling on eBay. Though eBay protects buyers, shoppers still want to be reassured you stand behind what you’re selling. Make sure to have clear policies and highlight the number of days you offer customers to return. If you plan on offering to pay for the return shipping, highlight this in your return policy, as you’ll definitely increase your conversions for your store.

  2. Shipping Charges: Free shipping converts well, though if you list your item cheaper than the competitors and offer reasonable shipping, you may get more traffic and if you follow the other tips mentioned in this quick post, you may get more sales from the additional traffic verse pricing shipping in. Unfortunately many customers don’t realize that if you price an item at $18 + $3.95 shipping compared to $21.50 free shipping that they’re paying more. Play around and watch your conversions.

  3. Auction Selling Price: When you’re listing via auctions, start the bidding as low as possible. This will draw more attention to your products as many shoppers start looking at the lowest, though that isn’t necessarily the final purchase price.

  4. Quality Pictures: Invest in a nice camera or hire a professional to do it for you. The more awesome pictures, the better your product looks compared to the other sellers. Shoppers want to see exactly what they’re getting and the sharper the picture the higher the conversions.

  5. Write Sexy Titles: Boring title descriptions just don’t sell as well as flashy titles. Get creative to draw extra attention to your listing. For competitive listings you’re competing on price, seller feedback, image and title to get someone to click on your listing. This is your opportunity to stand out and be different.

  6. Write Killer Descriptions: Don’t rush the descriptions. The better you describe the product now the better chances you have of increasing sales. If you can even describe the experience the customer desires from owning the product, you’ll be able to drive sales up even more. Try to keep paragraphs to 3-4 sentences max to keep the reader from becoming overwhelmed. It’s good to have a lot of content but it’s more important to create a layout that will be easy to digest.

  7. Feedback: Encourage customers to leave you positive feedback. This is highly important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Out of two sellers offering the same product at relatively the same price, the one with the better feedback is going to get the sale. Feedback, feedback, feedback! Great way to increase feedback is to remind your customers at the time they are most pleased with you. Include “the ask” on your packing slips and in any communication afterwards. This is highly important if you’re new selling on eBay.

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Happy eBay Selling!

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