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ProStores Alternatives: Magento, BigCommerce or SureDone?

ProStores Alternatives: Magento, BigCommerce or SureDone?

ProStores users have been greeted with the official news that eBay is shutting down ProStoress & Magento Go for good:

Dear ProStoress Merchants, We’ve made the difficult decision to shut down ProStores on February 1, 2015. Your store will not be affected during the Holiday shopping season – it will continue to operate and perform normally, and ProStores will continue to provide customer service until February 1, 2015.

Is Magento Right for You?

While eBay is recommending eBay’s Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento Community Edition, now is the perfect time to carefully evaluate your alternatives. Magento may not be right for you as these reviewers explain:

“Magento is a powerful ecommerce system with a steep learning curve, aimed at larger ecommerce sites.” ~ Paul Boag, BoagWorld

“found the admin to be boxy and difficult to navigate, with import/export, order statuses, and account info plopped under the catch all “System” folder.” ~ Amad Ebrahimi, MerchantMaverick

Why migrate your ProStore to just another store when you can migrate easily to your custom SureDone eCommerce Storefront (with ZERO transaction fees) that integrates seamlessly with eBay and allows you to expand to Amazon?

Do You Need BigCommerce or Magento?

While you could integrate a store from BigCommerce or Magento with SureDone, you do not need to use any other eCommerce platform. SureDone provides you with a custom eCommerce store, so why pay more to have one elsewhere? If you already have and love your BigCommerce store, it can be fully integrated with SureDone to give you access to Amazon and eBay.

How Difficult Is Migrating?

SureDone has created a tool for easy migration of your store. Products will be scraped and 301 redirects created to minimize loss of your existing traffic. We know that ProStores users will have concerns about migrating. We want to assure them that our team will handle the technical challenges for you including redirecting your existing content URLs to your new pages. Change is always a little scary, but if you have to change why not choose the platform that will benefit you most? We can have you ready to be selling in your own store, on eBay, and on Amazon before the holidays. And you can manage your inventory from one place!

When Should You Migrate?

If you want to expand into selling on Amazon or merge your management of eBay, Amazon, and store into one solution, the sooner you make the change the better. The more time between your change and holiday sales, the more time you will have to build traffic, links, and awareness around your new store and additional venues. You definitely do NOT want to wait until close to the holidays before migrating. If you don’t get your store moved by early October you will be better off waiting until after holiday sales are over.

How Much Will It Cost?

We are offering $100 off Premium & Unlimited plans of our SureDone eCommerce platform for ProStores migrations. We will migrate your existing store for FREE. You pay only $149/mo for up to 2500 SKUs, and up to $15,000 per month in sales. Larger stores also save $100 per month, paying $199 up to $499.

prostores alternative pricing

There will never be a more affordable time to have a custom store created and expand into new channels. eBay closing ProStores is an opportunity for you to eliminate transaction fees and expand onto Amazon. While change can be temporarily stressful, in the long run the sooner you act the more you benefit.

Benefits of Using SureDone

Have you seen all the features of SureDone? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Cut listing time in half!
  • Add new products only once, and we push across all the channels you’re selling on
  • Sell on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Etsy, and Facebook.
  • Customized eBay templates
  • In 1-click we import all of your eBay products, photos, descriptions, item specifics, custom templates, etc.
  • Import all of your eBay listings (images, decriptions, item specifics, templates, etc) in 1-click
  • Inventory syncs automatically (if item sells on one channel, inventory is updated on another)
  • Upload inventory in bulk (list 150,000 products per upload, upload images in zip folder)
  • Advanced multi-faceted search to quickly find products, customers, orders, tracking numbers & more.
  • Easy to use – multiple users.
  • Free media hosting included.
  • Website hosting included.

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