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Does it Cost to Sell on eBay? Selling Fees Explained

Does it Cost to Sell on eBay? Selling Fees Explained

What You Need to Know About the Cost of Selling on eBay

Ebay offers the largest online auction service in the world. Its popularity among sellers is attributed to its long time experience, exposure, membership, large selection of categories, custom selling options and superior management features.

Sellers are charged to list their items on eBay. In addition, they are required to pay a final value fee for every item that sells. These two costs make up the total cost of selling on eBay. Sellers are required to pay the eBay seller fees every month to keep their accounts current. A listing fee calculator can be very helpful in getting a general idea of what your costs might be.

While there have been user complaints and higher selling fees, eBay still remains a household name since it provides more for both sellers and buyers, compared to other online auction websites.

However, eBay has endeavored to pull more sellers from Amazon by simplifying its rates and abolishing the listing fees. In addition to providing sellers with a better fee rate system, the company decided to forego the listing fees. These changes were effected in April, and were claimed to be eBay’s first major revisions to their pricing systems in several years.

New Ebay Cost of Selling

  • The new rates for eBay are between 4% and 10% for each item, which are lower than Amazon’s 6% to 15% per item for a referral fee.
  • Sellers joining eBay have a **choice between two plans**. The plan chosen determines the amount spent on an eBay Stores subscription, which is in the range of $16 to $200 per month.
  • A subscription enables sellers to benefit from fees in the range of 4% and 9%, which gives them close to 2,500 free listings every month. Sellers can also choose to proceed without a subscription, in which case they get 50 free listings every month and pay a 10% fee on all merchandise.

These updates to eBay seller fees are aimed at enhancing the auction’s competitiveness by providing different levels for sellers with the opportunity to trade their merchandise via the best online auction website in the world. Once you become a seller, you should always pay the full amount in your invoice balance for every month to avoid suspension for non-payment and collection costs. Payment due dates are dependent on the date when your invoice is generated by eBay, which is either on the 15th or the last day of every month. Sellers are also provided with a seller account section from where they can choose the method of payment or make a manual payment.

best payment methods are via PayPal, credit card or direct debit since automatic payments can be conducted after the first payment.

For further information visit Ebay Seller Fees here

Happy Selling on eBay!

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