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SureDone Server Updates: Maintaining Quality

SureDone Server Updates: Maintaining Quality

In order to meet PCI compliance requirements and to maintain a high level of security for our customer accounts, SureDone is in the process of upgrading its infrastructure.

Security of our customer’s accounts is paramount to us, so SureDone undertakes upgrade projects throughout the year to keep operating systems and supporting software used to deliver SureDone to our customers current.

This week, SureDone is in the process of patching our server operating systems to their latest levels, in addition to upgrading both our web server software and our PHP versions.

This process will be ongoing, having started last week and will continue through January. We are doing our best to minimize any impact on customers, but please let us know if you see any issues or abnormal behavior.

About The Author

Chris Labatt-Simon

Chris is the Executive Vice President of Operations and Finance at SureDone, and was formerly the Vice President of Customer Success. Chris's role continues to be customer focused. As he says, "My job is to put a smile on our customers' faces." In addition to managing customer support, customer service, customer success and onboarding, Chris also finds time to find ways to turn chaos into order and to manage the financial and legal aspects of SureDone.

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